Thursday, April 20, 2017

Creative Spaces- April 21st

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This week we get to share our creative spaces.    Mine is currently undergoing a huge destash, however I will share the parts that are not a disaster. 

I am lucky to have our second bedroom as my craft room and office (because I work from home).  I have to have everything I use most in sight and at easy reach.   I love watching movies on my iPad and absolutely love my little mini cube units for storage.

As soon as I finish my room redo I will post an update!\

See you soon!   


  1. hey friend.....i love what i see so far..can't wait to see the rest and yes i love to have all my stuff that i use all the time in plain site...not hidden....hugs and tfs

  2. Those cubes look like the key to having stuff at hand. Hey, if you need tips on destashing, I'm an expert. I was amazed at all the stuff I didn't even remember having when downsizing to our "tiny home".

  3. Yep, love your space, and think I need a bunch of those cubes!!!

  4. Cubes look great for storing - I like to SEE what I have in my craftroom but then it would take a huge area I am blessed with what I have--- TFS